Fiddle camp 2010 pic2.JPG at Athol St Fiddle Camp3.JPG Drumming at Athol St Fiddle Camp.JPG Drummers at Cathedral.JPG Albert Drummers at assembly.JPG
Fiddle camp 2010 pic3.JPG Fiddle camp 2010.JPG NCKM performance @ The Exchange.jpg Brennan playing with Jack Semple.JPG Rock 100 pic1.JPG
Rock 100 pic2.JPG Brennan's fiddle.bmp Cheque from Lions Club.JPG Heritage Fiddlers at Bell Barn.JPG The Strang Quartet.JPG
Athol Jam at Pioneer Village.JPG Drummers at Cathedral2.JPG Brennan & Billarney at Mosaic.JPG Brennan, John Panter, Brian Sklar.JPG Brennan's mom & sister at Gov't House.JPG
Brennan's mom & sister at Mosaic.JPG Brennan the Metis flag bearer.JPG Brennan & Brian Sklar Brennan & dad at Gov't House.JPG Brennan & Kathy at SIAST.JPG
Brennan & Kathy at SIAST2.JPG Brennan at Kenosee Lake3.JPG Brennan playing for Lieutenant Governor.JPG Brennan presented with fiddle.JPG