• Non-Profit Setup
    On January 25, 2008, North Central Kids Music Inc. was incorporated as a non-profit entity with a board of directors of four persons. The objectives are to provide musical instruction along with enabling materials and services to children of North Central Regina, and to promote musical events to stimulate musical interests of those children. Financial Statements and Annual Returns have been filed with Corporate Registry each fiscal year.
  • Out Sourcing
    North Central Kids Music has paid for 154 music lessons through Custom Music Lessons between May, 2008, and November, 2009. We have also paid for about 150 lessons through the Long & McQuade Lesson Centre between September, 2008, and May, 2014.
  • Stompers Concert
    Our first fund-raiser was held at the Regina Performing Arts Centre on June 27, 2008. The featured performers were the Asham Stompers, a Metis dance group from Manitoba. They were preceded by the Kitchener-Herchmer Fiddlers, a group of elementary school students led by their teacher, Jonathon Ward. Also performing were the McNab Family Fiddlers, three girls from Kitchener School accompanied by their grandfather, Bev, on guitar.
  • Follow Your Heart
    In September, 2008, a group of teen-aged musicians performed at Kitchener School with the financial help of North Central Kids Music. They played fiddle and guitar, sang, and step danced, and had some motivational messages about life experiences in elementary school. They encouraged children to follow their own dreams and be themselves rather that just following the crowd. The group, which was on a tour of Saskatchewan, consisted of Gillian Maher, Roberta Wallace, Brandon Baker, Nathan Baker, Denique LeBlanc and Justin Easton—all excellent musicians and positive role models.
  • Rock 100
    In January, 2009, North Central Kid Music sponsored a Rock 100 band at Sacred Heart School. Rock 100 is a program of Catholic Family Services designed to involve kids with any skill level in a rock/pop band for 12 weeks ending with a concert.
  • Fiddle Fun
    We applied to the Saskatchewan Arts Board for a grant for a summer fiddle camp in July, 2009. We were awarded $2560 for the project called Fiddle Fun, which consisted of 5 days of workshops. The Arts Board also funded the purchased of 20 violins. There were 21 participants, mostly 11 and 12 year-olds. Michelle Amy, the instructor, is an accomplished fiddler and music teacher in Carlyle, Saskatchewan, and author of two fiddle instruction books, and also founder of the highly successful Kenosee Lake Kitchen Party music camp. Workshops usually ended with up to 10 people playing fiddles and guitars in outdoor jam sessions, which were enjoyed by neighbors and passers-by. A number of the participants continued to take lessons after the summer camp.
  • Sacred Heart Fiddling
    In the fall of 2009 North Central Kids Music paid for a teacher and provided fiddles for a trial six-week fiddle program at Sacred Heart School. The program was a success and the Catholic School Board subsequently decided to fund a similar program.
  • Athol Street
    From November, 2009, until June, 2012, we provided music lessons out of a house at 1132 Athol Street. In our weekly program we provided over 450 individual music lessons and many hours of group activities including the music camps. This house is ideally located in the centre of the North Central neighborhood.
  • Music Camp Tuesdays

    For four Tuesdays in July, 2010, from 7 to 9 kids took group lessons and enjoyed fun activities with Sarah Cibart and Denique LeBlanc teaching fiddle and guitar and drumming.

  • Kenosee Lake
    In August, 2011, we paid for one of our students to attend the Kenosee Lake Kitchen Party music camp, and we provided supervision as he was under 16. He benefited greatly from the fiddle instruction, the performance opportunities and the camaraderie.
  • The Exchange
    A fund-raiser concert was held at The Exchange on March 1, 2012. It featured Jack Semple, The Eighteen Strings of Gary & Mike & Dennis, Mattea Columpsi and her ukulele, the jamming group from Athol Street, and North Central kids. Roberta Nichol was the MC. Five of our students took part in the performance, led by their teacher, Roberta Wallace. Their tunes ranged from Boil Them Cabbages to Joys of Quebec and Sherbrooke Reel. One student, Brennan, played a couple of tunes with Jack to the delight of all.
  • Busking
    We applied for and received permission to busk at the Cathedral Village Arts Festival in May, 1012. Four of our students played fiddles and were generously rewarded.
  • Diamond Jubilee
    On our recommendation, our student, Brennan Hoffman, performed at Lieutenant Governor Vaugh Scholfield’s Diamond Jubilee Garden Party at Government House. He played fiddle tunes without accompaniment on stage and later inside Government House in July 2012. He received a warm letter of thanks and praise for his musical abilities from the Lieutenant Governor.
  • Music Club
    From September, 1012, to June, 2015, we offered individual and small group instruction on fiddle and guitar and percussion at the Albert Branch of Regina Public Library. This program for 8 to 12 year-olds was on a drop-in basis on Tuesdays. This was in conjunction with the Boys and Girls Club of Regina, who provided after-school activities and snacks, with supervision by individuals from Street Culture Kidz Project. An average of 4 to 5 kids participated each week in the music activities.
  • Drum Circle
    We received a grant from Farm Credit Canada’s Regina Sprit Fund to have a weekly drop-in drum circle in North Central. The program was located at Albert School and ran Mondays during the noon hour from November, 2014 to May, 2015. The funds were used to purchase drums and other percussion instruments and to pay an instructor. An average of about five kids attended each session. The drum circle continues in a similar format.